The team at Align Learn Do have a thorough understanding of how to link business goals through learning, to give organisations the operational boost they need, which they can then measure financials and other metrics against.

It might be about the numbers at the end of the day, but at the start, it’s about people. The team always strives to combine L&D best practices with the most practical solution for the scope, time and budget. 

Learning, with people at its heart, and the bottom line in its head.

Neil John Cunningham

Founder + Learning & Development Solutions Director

Neil started his professional career working in a small sales team the IT systems integrator, MBA IT. Here he learnt about graft, determination and going for what you want.

It was while at MBA IT that Neil asked the directors if he could move from sales into sales training. They said he could as long as he hit his sales target and a training target over three months. Neil did, but with great difficulty and a good cliffhanger moment (but that’s a story for another time, feel free to ask as he loves to tell it).

After three years at MBA IT Neil moved on to Atrium Consulting where he worked as a consultant and trainer. Focusing on sales and Hewlett Packard sales technical programmes. Next SiteMinder gave Neil a call and it’s at SiteMinder where he learnt how to unify learning across a business to bring real, tangible financial and productivity gains to a business.

After SiteMinder Neil went into the Head of L&D role at Exponential-e. Here he built the L&D team from scratch into a fully functioning team of Business Partners, Subject Matter Experts and Trainers. Neil implemented the digital transformation of the department bringing in an LMS and online learning Library. Neil and his team reduced the attrition rate by 10%, gained £1.2 Million in business revenue through sales training programmes while reducing the hiring and retraining costs in the technical customer service teams by £500,000.

Since then he’s been running and building Align Learn Do.  Neil’s passion is helping organisations of all sizes (we’ve worked with 10-person start-ups to 24,000-person enterprises) find the right L&D solution for their needs, timescale and budget.  With the aim to grow both your people and your business.

If you’re interested; he’d like to show you how to do this.

Sareta Puri

Wellbeing and Inclusion Solutions Director

Sareta is a diversity and inclusion specialist that supports businesses to understand and develop their approach to diversity and racial equity. This includes reviewing current business culture and practices, training and facilitation, working collaboratively on a strategic roadmap and providing resources and tools to enable growth and development.

Sareta has years of experience supporting businesses within the hospitality sector, as well as over a decade of training and projects management work in the third sector.

Her services include Diversity & Inclusion audits, training and workshops on Diversity & Inclusion, Roadmaps for embedding Diversity & Inclusion at the core of businesses, audits of culture, policies and procedures and audit output reporting.

If you’re interested; she’d like to show you how to do this.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that there are always steps that businesses and individuals can take to give something positive back to the world.

With us, it’s our time and expertise.

We are offering free consultancy and training to not-for-profits/charities.

If you or anyone you know works with or for a non-profit or charity and would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us.

Depending on our diaries this might be a call or a day, but we’ll endeavour to help you where we can.