Don’t just listen and learn; Align, Learn, Do.

Align Learn Do is more than our name. It’s part methodology and philosophy.  It’s our way of helping you with your Learning and Development challenges.
It runs through everything we do.  From creating custom-built training to building out your first L&D function, and enhancing how your existing L&D team supports your people.
It enables us to look beyond the initial L&D challenge and to factor in organisational design.  It lets us take the long view and understand how your L&D offering works with your organisational and people goals.
Check out our 3 core offerings in the Services section to find out how you can Align Learn Do.

Align Learn Do – What is it?

A one stop shop for all of your L&D and training requirements. You can choose to have
the complete Align Learn Do package or we can support you with the element you need most.


Align your business goals with the learning required to excel.

From helping you decide what kind of L&D team, L&D tech and L&D strategy you need, right through to individual colleague learning requirements.

When we’ve aligned the needs to business outcomes let’s create learning that your people will love and that will enhance your business.


Create a learning experience that drives performance

When we’ve understood what the need is, we’ll help you create a L&D function and L&D programmes that are taken seriously, without being serious.

Demonstrate value, use data, and delight your people, all at the same time.


Put into practice what you have learnt

What you can do for your colleagues to help the business get the most from your new L&D Team and L&D programmes?

We design the processes that you require, help build the L&D brand and build a plan to handover your shiny new L&D Team, Tech or Strategy.  Letting you continue the journey.

Discover how we’ve helped other
clients with their Learning and Development

“Neil took the time to ask insightful and considered questions as part of preparing for a research piece, where I was impressed by his own ideas to the brief. Quickly turned around with my expectations managed along the way, Neil produced easy to understand work that will really support a new learning programme's focus this year. Would absolutely recommend for any learning and developments needs.”

Ed Lang, Senior Account Director

“I attended Neil’s ‘Using L&D to Attract & Retain Employees’ workshop. An enjoyable , informative and expertly delivered learning experience. Post workshop we recruited 4 excellent people and refreshed our existing role descriptions. Our results have been impressive around social media growth and the team all benefitting from their L&D opportunities. If you want to understand how you can link your roles with development opportunities, to hire the right people and then retain them I would wholeheartedly recommend Neil.”

David Pitcher CEO, Wheely Tots

“Align Learn Do has taken us from running an old school, request on demand, learning function, to an agile, iterative based model that can deal with changing business demands. The confidence of the team to respectfully push back with stakeholders and to prioritise work is clear to see and helps the business prioritise learning needs. Never afraid to speak up, help people see things from a different point of view and to be held accountable, Neil was a great addition to the team, and I highly recommend that you seek his services for any L&D needs.”

Jo Dogherty, Chief People Officer

“Align Learn Do have been really adaptable to changes as we uncovered more information and always happy to review goals/ outcomes based on this. They offer insights, address challenges and talk about solutions collaboratively. This is a really complex problem for us based on how we currently run L&D. Neil and the team have been great at taking on feedback in order to meet our changing business needs as they uncover more data. By bringing Align Learn Do onboard we accelerated creating our plan to change L&D and they helped put the right focus on this and move it forward. It's been a pleasure working with Neil and the team, and we'd be happy to bring them back in for another engagement.”

Yasemin Ercan, Head of People

“Neil supported us with facilitating a workshop for our senior leadership team to dig into some of our understanding around our company perceptions of growth and development. This helped to feed into wider discussions around our road map for the year and our priorities. He was flexible when we asked for further detail on the report to help us further understand some of the feedback given. Thanks, Neil!”

Hannah Halder – Head of People – Vita Mojo

“Align Learn Do worked with us on a super important project that was a really time consuming task and needed focus and at times patience. They were excellent at keeping me updated, producing a detailed analysis and was a pleasure to work with. Working with them meant I was able to focus on other areas I needed to knowing that this particular piece of work was in safe hands. I whole heartedly recommend Align Learn Do for any L&D project or role you have. They are super passionate with infectious energy, who knows their stuff.”

Al Thompson. – Chief Content Officer, Thrive Learning

“Align Learn Do were great to work with in the planning of the learning required for our new sales development agents. Managing the relationships with the Kick Start providers, educating us on the Pros and Cons of the Apprenticeship Levy, vs Kick Start and building an onboarding learning plan that made me feel I’d been really listened to before the requirement was then scoped. They mapped out the knowledge, skills and behaviours against our existing framework and built an onboarding plan that put the learner's journey at the heart of it while having measurable outcomes we could measure performance against. I’d happily recommend them for your L&D requirements. ”

Gary Miller – CEO – Pendulum IT

“Align Learn Do has been working with me over the best part of a year, and they've been an incredible support and soundboard in helping me stack up a new L&D function. Highly in tune with my needs as an individual but also the needs of my organisation. I have found them to be purposeful, considered and very exact in the work they have done with me - which is essentially untangling parts of learning operations that were a bit of a mess, and building out robust ways of working that help me expand the team, individual roles and responsibilities and my own remit in a scalable and affordable way. I now have a standardised way of working that I can flex and scale as demand increases or decreases, whilst having the rigor required to demonstrate the value that my function adds within Centrica.”

Matt Billing – Group Learning Partner

Our Books

Narratives And Numbers

Neil Cunningham’s Narratives and Numbers is a call to action for L&D leaders, offering practical advice on how to use data storytelling to demonstrate impact and gain influence. Neil presents a compelling shift in perspective from viewing L&D as a “nice to have” to recognising it as a “must have”. And he does so in a way that makes the reader feel engaged, inspired and motivated. 


The Strategic Order Taker

A guide for L&D to be seen, heard, and valued. Based on a decade in L&D, it offers insights and practical strategies to move from being seen as an Order Taker to a Strategic Partner by working that tough middle ground between the two; the place where you are The Strategic Order Taker.


19 Low-cost Ways to Improve your L&D Offering

It can be frustrating, having to provide L&D without the budget to support the needs you’ve uncovered. There are many ways to improve your current offering without spending a lot of money. Here we’ve outlined 19 of those, that won’t affect your budget.


All three books

Narratives and Numbers, The Strategic Order Taker and 19 Low-Cost Ways to Improve your L&D Offering.


The great thing about learning is that it never ends