What does it involve?

We want you to be confident that you’re creating a Learning and Development function that will last.

If you haven’t done this before it’s daunting to think about how it will come to life, who’ll own it and what its focus should be.  We’ll be there to help you create the L&D function you need.

When working with you to create your first L&D function we:


It begins with our L&D Discovery Report.  This is the starting point for all our work.  When helping you create your first L&D team we work with you to understand how you could build your first L&D function. We interview, question and survey colleagues to create a report that covers:

L&D Data: The data points and collection procedures needed to create a Return on Learning and Return on Investment for any programmes you implement.

L&D Programmes: The learning and training programmes that are missing or can be improved that help your business grow.

L&D Team: The type of L&D roles you will need to support your strategic people. objectives.

L&D Technology: The learning technology investments you may want to consider to support your people.

The report allows you to see the actions, timelines and investments required to implement the recommendations.

Giving you the choice to implement them yourself or by partnering with us.


If you choose to work with us in implementing the recommendations from the report we take the lead.  We act as an Interim L&D lead and project manager.

As the project rolls out we can make further recommendations, set up partnerships with the right L&D tech providers and begin the process of interviewing candidates for the L&D roles that you require.

We’ll review your current L&D offering to see where it can be improved and create learning as required.

As things take shape we set up the data points and collation processes to begin proving the impact your L&D offering will make.


When your team is in, the technology integrated, programmes scoped and data points active we hand over everything we’ve been working on so you can sit back and enjoy your shiny new L&D function.

We keep in contact with the new L&D team by providing 3 post-engagement check-ins.  Allowing them to ask us about what’s come up since we left, so they’re supported as they take on the next step of running your L&D function.

Who is this service for?

This service is for those who have some L&D activity happening in the business and want to take the next step into building a Learning and Development Function.

Typically this service is requested by:

Heads of People (who have some L&D activity, technology and processes in the business. They want to understand how to formalise this)

Solo L&D Leads (who have been tasked with building out a function, but don’t know where to start)

Can I just have the report?

Of course!  We’ve worked with many customers who just wanted the Learning & Development Discovery Report so they could take it away and implement the changes themselves.

How much does it cost?

We have no set price for the work we do. We work out a reasonable price for the project based on the scope, budget and timelines involved.  We work with you to ensure we can deliver a solution you can afford.

How long does it take?

That depends on the requirement, but as a rule of thumb we:

  • Aim to have the Align element completed in no more than 4 weeks
  • Provide you with a recommended timeline of activity that works with your budget
  • Look to the future and provide options that cover at least 3 months in advance

I'd like to know more. What do I do next?

Please get in touch using our Contact page or by emailing info@alignlearndo.com

Why choose us?

We’ve a lot of experience when it comes to creating L&D functions from scratch.  From working with start ups to mature SMEs (Small and medium Enterprises) we’ve seen the challenges and know the best way to solve them.

Feel free to drop us a message using info@alignlearndo.com or use the Contact Us page for more information about how we can help you build a Learning and Development Function.

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