“I devoured this book

It was just the right length and dug in at the right depth to be useful without becoming terrifying. I really enjoyed reading it.

I loved the example slides. It pulled everything together in my head. I cannot wait to use this for the leadership program. We’re kicking off the pilot group now, and this will be perfect for exploring the ROI to expand the program

Time to make some hero slides!”

Lauren Scholtz, L&D Manager – Humanforce

Narratives And Numbers

L&D Data Storytelling can help you to shine a light on the commercial power of L&D.

Go beyond reporting engagement through activity, explore how to match learning objectives to performance outcomes, and create provable, monetised Return on Investment.

Take the wealth of information that you generate and play back what you did, how you did it and most importantly how you affected the business using a simple narrative technique.

By combining learning design, learning analytics and data storytelling you can help your business see the true value of the learning you provide.


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“Narrative and Numbers offers a delightfully succinct method for demonstrating the value of L&D.”

Ross Garner – Head of Content and Custom Solutions, Mind Tools for Business

“This is the first book I’ve read in a while which made me feel like I was in a training session.

Neil explained concepts and baseline information in a way which made sense without being condescending.

When something was introduced, my head was thinking ‘How will I put this into practice?’, or ‘What would that look like?’ and then like magic, Neil included examples.

In fact, this book is oozing with actionable insights and examples anybody could take into their business and implement.”

Kim Ellis – Chief Learning Architect, Go Ginger Learning Solutions

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