What does it involve?

We want to create impactful learning experiences that your people will love.  For us, this means creating something specific to the group that will attend, addressing accessibility needs and providing training people can use back on the job after they attend.  They should see and feel the difference right away.

When creating custom-built training we:


It begins with our L&D Discovery Report.  This is the starting point for all our work.  When creating your custom-built training we use this to analyse the training need, find and remove organisational learning blockers, understand the best delivery methods for the group and outline the training structure.


We build and run the training taking feedback throughout so that we can amend the training as we go (if needed).  Our modular design approach means that rather than spending a lot of time and money designing every part of the programme we build it out piece by piece.  We measure the effective and make amendments that help the group.

Getting the training your people need to them when they need it, rather than months afterwards.


After the training is finished we work with you so can roll it out without us in future.  We upskill your people to run the training with a Train the Trainer session. We hand over any materials produced as part of the programme and help you build the analytics so you can measure the impact.

Who is this service for?

This service is for those wanting to build knowledge, skills and behaviours within a specific group of colleagues.

Typically our custom-built programs are bought by:

  • Departmental heads (such as customer services and sales leaders)
  • Heads of People (who don’t have an internal L&D team)
  • L&D teams (who are at capacity and/or need a subject matter expert)

Can I just have the report?

Of course!  We’ve worked with many customers who just wanted the Learning & Development Discovery Report so they could take it away and implement the changes themselves.

How much does it cost?

We have no set price for the work we do. We work out a reasonable price for the project based on the scope, budget and timelines involved.  We work with you to ensure we can deliver a solution you can afford.

How long does a custom build take?

That depends on the requirement, but as a rule of thumb we:

  • Aim to have the Align element completed in no more than 4 weeks
  • Aim to have the first module built and ready to run within 8 weeks
  • Aim to have the first review done in 12 weeks

If the training is a one-off event we aim to have everything completed within 8 weeks from request.

I'd like to know more. What do I do next?

Please get in touch using our Contact page or by emailing info@alignlearndo.com

Why choose us?

We’ve a lot of experience when it comes to analysing, building and running training.  We’ve built training for 30 people start-ups right through to global enterprises.  If you need it we can build it.

Through our expertise and our affiliate network, we can provide programmes around almost any workplace human-centred skill set including (but not limited to):

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • New Starter Onboarding
  • Service Desk
  • Sales
  • Racial Equity Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Train the Trainer

Feel free to drop us a message using info@alignlearndo.com or use the Contact Us page for more information about how we can transform your people’s training.

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