• Align Learn Do has taken us from running an old school, request on demand, learning function, to an agile, iterative based model that can deal with changing business demands. The confidence of the team to respectfully push back with stakeholders and to prioritise work is clear to see and helps the business prioritise learning needs. Never afraid to speak up, help people see things from a different point of view and to be held accountable, Neil was a great addition to the team, and I highly recommend that you seek his services for any L&D needs.
    Jo Dogherty, Chief People Officer
  • Align Learn Do have been really adaptable to changes as we uncovered more information and always happy to review goals/ outcomes based on this. They offer insights, address challenges and talk about solutions collaboratively. This is a really complex problem for us based on how we currently run L&D. Neil and the team have been great at taking on feedback in order to meet our changing business needs as they uncover more data. By bringing Align Learn Do onboard we accelerated creating our plan to change L&D and they helped put the right focus on this and move it forward. It's been a pleasure working with Neil and the team, and we'd be happy to bring them back in for another engagement.
    Yasemin Ercan, Head of People
  • Align Learn Do were great to work with in the planning of the learning required for our new sales development agents. Managing the relationships with the Kick Start providers, educating us on the Pros and Cons of the Apprenticeship Levy, vs Kick Start and building an onboarding learning plan that made me feel I’d been really listened too before the requirement was then scoped. They mapped out the knowledge, skills and behaviours against our existing framework and built an onboarding plan that put the learners journey at the heart of it, while having measurable outcomes we could measure performance against. I’d happily recommend them for your L&D requirements
    Gary Miller, CEO
  • The group loved it. Especially the interactive style of the workshop, the exercises, the mix of individual and group work. We will be expanding this training and are currently looking at how we provision this across the group for our colleagues in Bulgaria and India.
    Deborah Upton, Head of People
  • Align Learn Do have been working with me over the best part of a year, and they've been an incredible support and soundboard in helping me stack up a new L&D function. They've been highly in-tune with my needs as an individual but also the needs of my organisation. I have found them to be purposeful, considered and very exact in the work they have done with me - which is essentially untangling parts of learning operations that were a bit of a mess, and building out robust ways of working that help me expand the team, individual roles and responsibilities and my own remit in a scalable and affordable way. I now have a standardised way of working that I can flex and scale as demand increases or decreases, whilst having the rigor required to demonstrate the value that my function add within Centrica.
    Matt Billing, Group Learning Partner
  • I had the pleasure of attending Neil’s workshops, and I must say, they were fantastic! His expertise and depth of knowledge were truly impressive. Additionally, I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with Neil, as well as collaborative sessions with our team. These experiences were incredibly insightful, I learn a great deal from his guidance. Neil is not only professional but also a delight to work with. I highly recommend collaborating with him for his expertise and his friendly approach.
    Lucie Williams, Head of People Operations