What does it involve?

Additional Support Services

Ongoing support to help the team after the programme of works finishes.

What does this look like?

Whether it’s sanity checking the design of a programme, looking at the Return on Learning or helping you to build another Custom Learning Programme we can be on hand to help with ongoing support after the main scope of work finishes.

Hiring L&D Talent

Knowing where to start with hiring L&D talent can be tricky.

We often get asked:

  • What are the skills required for the role?
  • How do we advertise in a way that will attract the right L&D talent?
  • How will we know how to interview them?

We work with your internal hiring team to set you up for L&D hiring success.  We can help design the role, the role advertisement, design the interview questions and complete the first stage interviews.

We have a history of delivering talent into businesses this way with the following external roles having been designed and co-hired by us:

  • Head of Learning and Development
  • Learning and Development Experience Manager
  • Early Careers Manager
  • Digital Learning Manager

L&D Brand / Marketing

How does the business view your L&D team?

Is it a necessity or an asset?  Getting the branding around your learning and development programmes, your learning technology and the Learning and Development team is crucial to your success.

A great L&D brand brings all three together, has a consistent tone of voice and style through your learning experiences and travels into the way you communicate to the business.

Get this right and see your engagement shoot up.

L&D Design Calendar and Planning

A lot of People Teams struggle to articulate to the business the work that goes into building and delivering the learning programmes that make up the strategy.

We work with you to help you understand how much resource and time goes into building your programmes, so you can articulate to the business how long each new request will take to build and help them understand how you will prioritise each build.  From this, we create a design schedule and resource planner you can share with your key stakeholders.

Help your stakeholders understand the work and resources required and you’ll see them start to engage with you around the value of each programme.

L&D Programme Review

Sometimes you might want a second pair of eyes to take a look at the current offering and see where it can be polished, upgraded, better communicated or in some cases, removed from your overall offering.

We can help by sitting down and reviewing the current offering to make sure it aligns with the business needs and your ambitions.

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