What does it involve?

L&D Data Storytelling

Helping People Teams prove the impact of their learning experiences to the leadership team’s by helping them create compelling data informed stories.

What does that mean and how can it help me?

Have a go at the questions below to find out.

  • Do you lead a People Team responsible for learning?
  • Do you lack the data required to prove ROI / ROL?
  • Do you find that your presentations to leaders fall flat?
  • Would you like to know how to pull together your learning data, package it into engaging visuals and then present it to the leadership team in a compelling way?


Then you’ll want to learn about L&D Data Storytelling.

Bringing together data, visuals and narrative to create a compelling learning journey for your leadership team.

Start your and / or your teams journey as an L&D Data Storyteller.

Designing Learning Opportunity Led Jobs

More and more organisations are recognising the fact that they need to

make a new colleagues learning journey a key part of their pitch for talent.

We can help you to:

  • Examine current job roles to identify the learning journeys for new hires
  • Articulate the learning journey to potential new hires
  • Create learning competencies specific to the roles in your business
  • Hire against key learning requirements for the role
  • Identify how to resource the learning journey across multiple roles without duplicating learning in the business

L&D Road Mapping

We work with businesses to review their key roles, identify the learning, then provide cost effective ways to implement and scale that learning.

Either with us delivering the content or by recommending a 3rd party


This helps you:

  • Plan for the possible time commitment and costs of learning within your key roles so that you can budget for this
  • Understand Career Pathways for key roles and articulate this new starters and existing colleagues
  • Use learning as a talent attraction piece by articulating the value of your learning experience

L&D Team Build Out / L&D Team Digital Transformation

When you kickstart your learning and development journey it can be difficult to know where to start.

What should the team structure be? What skills will I need? What technologies will support the team?  All good questions to ask that can be difficult to answer.

We offer the L&D Team Build Out and Digital Transformation service.

This allows you to:

  • Define the L&D roles and team structure you’ll need in the team to meet your goals
  • Understanding how to attract top L&D talent
  • Define what level of investment you’ll need to make in terms of salary and L&D budget
  • Investigate, trial and implement learning technologies
  • Advice on 3rd party learning and development providers
  • Interim L&D leadership to help integrate the new teams, technologies and ways of working into the business, reducing the L&D ramping time

Alignment of L&D Initiatives with Company Goals

In our experience L&D teams tend to shy away from measuring learning beyond how satisfied the attendees were, how many people attended, and whether or not they passed a quiz.

We have found that these metrics don’t inspire the leadership team to action.  The alignment process allows you to look at the metrics you want to measure, and we will propose ways of helping you measure this.

Past successes have included:

  • Reducing attrition due to a lack of L&D opportunities
  • Reducing overall ramping times and retraining costs
  • Reduce call handling times
  • Increasing NPS scores for customer service teams
  • Increasing revenue through sales training programmes
  • Demonstrable Return on Investment and Return on Learning

Apprenticeship Levy Strategy

Over £3 Billion is held in government apprenticeship levy pots and business are failing to use it.

We can help design your strategy and use your levy to pay for long term learning programs for almost any employee.

Your apprenticeship levy programme can be built around existing talent management and hiring programmes.  They are a cost effective way to attract new talent and develop existing talent. This leads to lower hiring costs, lower learning costs and lower colleague attrition.

Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Equity

The colleague experience is at the heart of our L&D strategies and programmes.  We believe that by supporting businesses to understand and develop their approach to diversity, inclusion and racial equity, this builds better learning experiences for all. This is why we offer the DI&RE service:

This includes:

  • Reviewing current business culture and practices
  • Working collaboratively on a strategic roadmap to develop DI&RE
  • Running workshops to enable DI&RE conversations
  • Providing resources and tools to enable growth and development of DI&RE through learning experiences

We have a separate guide that fully details this service.  If you can’t find it let us know and we’ll send you a copy.

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